Laboratories & Instruments

Division of Physical chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science (DPC)

The applicant institution, DPC can provide full support through all the needed infrastructure, scientific excellence and environment. DPC has long term experience in colloid and interfacial science, and will provide all necessary resources for the project success. DPC laboratories are well equipped for proposed project:

Lab equipment: Electrophoresis Zeta Plus (Brookhaven Inc, USA), Acoustic Spectrometer (DT-300, USA), Stagnation Point Optical Reflectometer, ITC calorimeter (CSC, USA), Spectrophotometer Cary 5 UV-VIS-NIR (Varian), Automatic potentiometric titrator (Metrohm, Switzerland), pH meters (Metrohm, Switzerland), HP multimetres, Stopped-flow spectrometer Applied Photophysics SX20 (Stopped-flow spectrometer Applied Photophysics SX20), Ultrasonic probe (Sonicator Ultrasonic Processor XL Misonix inc.).

Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology (FFTB)

A part of the investigations will be performed at Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb:

Lab equipment: Potentiostats: VoltaLab 50 (Radiometer, France), PAR 173 (EG&G PAR, USA), in-house built potentiostat; Electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance QCM200 (Stanford Research Systems, USA); Lock-in amplifier SRS830 (Stanford Research Systems, USA); Rotating disc-electrode PAR Rotel (EG&G PAR, USA); Automatic potentiometric titrators (Schott, Germany); in-house built Flow-injection system for testing of electrochemical biosensors; UV-VIS CCD spectrometer USB2000 equipped with a bifurcated fiber-optic reflection probe (Ocean Optics, USA); UV-VIS spectrophotometer BioSpecord 200 (Analytik-Jena, Germany); Liquid chromatography system HP 1090 (HP/Agilent, USA); facilities for preparation of nanoparticles: Autoclave reactor, Ultrasonic probe Sonopuls HD 3100 (Bandelin, Germany).